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16 SEPTEMBER  -  copenhagen, denmark

Agenda at a glance

08:30   Morning Mingle & Registration
FMTX 2020 Headline Stage
09:10   Chairman’s Opening Remarks
 09:10   How to Drive Business Transformation enabled by Digitalisation
- How digitalisation is enabling Stora Enso to transform from a paper & pulp company into a sustainable renewable materials company
Teemu Salmi, CIO & SVP Digitalisation, Stora Enso
 09:35   Elisa Smart Factory: Boosting productivity with Industrial IoT & AI
- Connecting to all data sources & harnessing real-time data is the foundation for sophisticated analytics & predictive insights
Kari Terho, General Manager, Elisa Smart Factory
 10:00   Digital Transformation as the Driver of the Factory of the Future
- Revolutionise operations to improve overall efficiency, flexibility & long term sustainability
Olli Härkönen, Area Director Digitalisation, Essity
 10:25   The Challenges of Creating the Connected Factory of the Future - Panel Discussion
- Teemu Salmi, CIO & SVP Digitalisation, Stora Enso
- Olli Härkönen, Area Director Digitalisation, Essity
- Kari Terho, General Manager, Elisa Smart Factory
- Carmen Constantinescu, Professor - Digital Manufacturing 4.0
10:50   Networking Break & One 2 One Meetings
Future Factory Stage
Saeed FarahanI, Head of Industry 4.0, Maersk Research Inst.
  IIoT, Data, AI & Machine Learning  
 11:30   Leveraging Technology to Accelerate & Advance Operations @ SAS Automotive
- Increasing operational performance & creating more value in operations. Digital Transformation Business Impact vs Complexity
Freddy Torres, Head of Operational Excellence, SAS Automotive
 11:50   Going Beyond Pilot Purgatory in Industry 4.0 Journey with Mesh Twin Learning
- What is mesh twin learning? Helping you lay down an industry 4.0 strategy, gather the benefits from advanced factory meshes
Łukasz Panusz, Chief Solutions Architect, PGS Software
 12:10   Augmenting Industrial Performance with Digital Solutions
- 55 plants & 850 machines connected to share real time data in a standardised control tower
Stéphane Coudurier Curveur, Industrial Excellence Manager, Faurecia
Smart Manufacturing Stage
To be confirmed
  Automation & Robotics  
 11:30   Developing Industrial Exoskeletons to Improve Productivity & Workplace Safety
- Combining wearable robotics with augmented & virtual reality holds great promise for industrial applications
Carmen Constantinescu, Professor - Digital Manufacturing 4.0, Fraunhofer Institute
 11:50   Connected Automation for Faster Production, Reduced Downtime & Greater Efficiency
- Transforming the factory by maximising your assets - higher production & enormous cost savings
Speaker to be confirmed
 12:10   Developing & Implementing an Approach toward Automation & Operations Technologies
- Create the appetite – work on the quick wins, educate management, diagnose the organiSation & identify the main priorities
Roman Lafage, Digital Manufacturing Director, Vesuvius
3D Printing Live Stage
Frank Rosengreen Lorenzen, CEO, Danish AM Hub
 11:30   How Danfoss Have Embraced AM to Add Value Across the Business
- Taking industrialisation of AM to the next level
Steffen Schmidt, Section Head & Platform Architect, Danfoss
 11:50   Fast Production of Small Volume & Individualised High Volume Products
- Tap into a whole new range of options - Produce functional parts using qualified standard granulates
Didier von Zeppelin, Additive Manufacturing Manager, Arburg
 12:10   Embracing a AM/3D Printing First Approach
- Think big & move fast in ways that can help our customers achieve crucial advantages
Damian Dembek, Head of AM CoE, TE Connectivity
Additive Applications Stage
Chairman - Yang Zhang, Senior Researcher, DTU
  Design for AM  
 11:30   Design for Additive Manufacturing - A New Frontier
- Understand AM implementation & its interaction with trad. design - Unveil a new definition of complexity through AM
José Luis Barragán Mateos, AM Lead Engineer, Mazak Europe
 11:50   Optimise Design for AM beyond Topology Optimisation - A Case Study
- Lightweight design combined with design for AM and design for assembly & service
Erik Johansson, Principal Scientist, PhD, ABB AB, Corp. Research
 12:10   Implementing AM Process for Serial Production of Airline Parts
- Design challenges in production of parts for aircraft interior modules
Shankar Mandagere, 3D Printing Engineer, SII Deutschland GmbH
12:30   Networking Lunch & One 2 One Meetings
Future Factory Stage
Saeed FarahanI, Director Industry 4.0, Maersk Research Inst.
  Digital Transformation  
 13:45   Digital Community: Utilising Technology to Deliver Value to the Organisation
- The role of digital ambassadors - Pilot project design for rapid scale up - Digital projects & ROI
Emanuele Quarin, Digital Industrial Operations EU, Electrolux
 14:05   Putting People at the Heart of your Transformation
- Full speed ahead, but don’t forget foundational work. Empower your workforce to see real value from industry 4.0
Allan Pedersen, Sr. Director - Eng. & Manufacturing, Danfoss Group IT
 14:25   Implementing on Demand Hybrid IT Infrastructure - Accelerate Digital Readiness
- Remote Guidance - Augment your Workforce to Put them in 2 Places at Once
to be confirmed
Smart Manufacturing Stage
To be confirmed
  Digital Transformation  
 13:45   Impact of Digitalisation & Industry 4.0 on Manufacturing Execution Systems
- Dilemma of implementing global vs. local MES solutions. Generating value from your MES strategy
Kamal Ghosh, IT Leader- Manufacturing Tech, DuPont
 14:05   Mission Zero - Driving Sustainable Productivity for a Brighter Future
- Leveraging digital & innovative solutions to deliver real change to the mining & cement industries
Wouter de Groot, Head Of Sustainability, FLSmidth
 14:25   Circular Economy for the Future Sustainability of Business Operations
- Changing the mindset & culture. Embedding sustainability & circularity across all departments & operations
to be confirmed
3D Printing Live Stage
Frank Rosengreen Lorenzen, CEO, Danish AM Hub
  Advanced Materials  
 13:45   Learnings from Four Years of Metal AM at Valmet
- Ways to push innovation towards more clever manufacturing in a conservative environment
Henrik Träff, AM Project Leader, Valmet
 14:05   Reducing Costs & Boosting Productivity in Metal Additive Manufacturing
- Any application that involves complex metal parts potentially benefits from Metal 3D Printing
Luke Ambrose, Sales Manager, Software, Materialise
 14:25   Breaking Down Boundaries - Additive manufacturing of Complex Metal Parts
- Harmonising materials, systems & process parameters for high quality results
to be confirmed
Additive Applications Stage
Chairman - Yang Zhang, Senior Researcher, DTU
  Product Development  
 13:45   Re-Designing from the Start to Improve Production Time & Decrease Costs
- Design rules - From design for functionality to design for process chain - From powder to final clean product
Jelle ten Kate, Team Lead Additive Manufacturing, FMI Instrumed
 14:05   Re-Imagine Products for the New World of Additive Manufacturing
- Re-Invent how you prototype & produce new functional parts
to be confirmed
 14:25   How Decathlon use AM throughout its Complete Value Chain
- From the beginning to the end of a product's life; prototyping to the after sale component
Julien Guillen, Additive Manufacturing Leader, Decathlon
  Supply Chain & Logistics  
 14:45   Logistics on its way to a High-Tech Industry
- Why are Autonomous Mobile Robots so important for our strategy in future logistics? Why we prefer a cloud based control system?
Marco Prueglmeier, Logistics Innovation & Industry 4.0, BMW Group
 15:05   Securing the Hyper Connected Factory & Supply Chain
- Managing risk in an age of connected supply chains - an integrated approach to cybersecurity
to be confirmed
  Skills & Training  
 14:45   Gamification to Facilitate On-Boarding & Re-Training for Industry 4.0
- Showcasing the GARFIELD project & how gamification can be utilised to improve employee engagement & productivity when learning
Adam Palmquist, Project Leader - GARFIELD, Univ. of Skövde
 15:05   Teaching Leaders How to Think, Not What to Think
- Overcoming organisational barriers for utilising digital technologies that improve performance
Henrik Saabye, Industrial PhD Fellow, Velux
  Quality Assurance & Testing  
 14:45   Setting Standards for Process & Material Development & Qualification in AM
- Achieving perfect material quality, analysing surface properties, tensile strength & elongation at break
to be confirmed
 15:05   Producing a Digital Twin of Product, Production & Performance
- Virtual production & the benefits in testing product quality
to be confirmed
  Spare Parts & Aftermarket  
 14:45   Utilising AM in Spare Parts to Add Value to Supply Chain
- Printing custom parts on a just-in-time basis, reducing inventory & improving efficiency
Virgilio Garcia, AM Research Program Leader, ArcelorMittal
 15:05   Spare Parts on Demand - A Glimpse into the Future
- Improve customer service & decrease machine downtime
to be confirmed
15:25   Networking Break & One 2 One Meetings
FMTX 2020 Headline Stage
 16:10   Lightning Talks
A Series of Short & Snappy Presentations from Leading Technology Providers
 16:40   Changing Mindset - New Business Models & New Ways of Working
- How Alfa Laval is breaking down barriers & finding new ways to serve customers through technology & innovation
Jan Ackalin, Head of Automation Development, Alfa Laval
 17:00   Empowering The Workforce of Tomorrow - Panel Discussion
- Emanuele Quarin, Digital Industrial Operations EU, Electrolux
- Jan Ackalin, Head of Automation Development, Alfa Laval
- Freddy Torres, Head of Operational Excellence, SAS Automotive
 17:20   Manufacturing 2030 - An Inspiring Look into the Future
- Where will we be in 10 years time? What will be obsolete? What can be done today to ensure survival?
To be confirmed
17:40   Chairman’s Closing Remarks
17:50   Networking Drinks Reception

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